Tonnoor Pharmacy

In general hospital pharmacy means dispensing of medicines in a hospital. But actually it is not so. Medication therapies and their delivery systems are becoming more and more complex. Now-a-days market is flooded with potent drugs, new drugs, costly drugs and non-conventional advanced drug delivery system. Also there is erosion in patient care, much more medication-error, more hospitalization, more stay of patients, more costly treatment, irrational drug therapy etc. These are due to wrong handling of drugs, improper patient counseling, adverse drug reaction, medication error, lack of drug information center, lack of quality assurance of drugs and improper dispensing of medicines in inward & outdoor etc. Now due to advancement of Pharmacy curriculum and Pharmaceutical Technology, the hospital pharmacy services are much more upgraded, which on implememtation will provide Better Health care to patients with less than half budget. Earlier hospital pharmacists role were limited to storage and dispensing. After Hathi committee and several committee recommendations, some improvements were made in few hospitals of our country. But still the patients are deprived from Hospital Pharmacy Services. Our aim is to promote setting up of hospital pharmacy in each hospital. HPD is also engaged in organizing seminar, conferences, training programme, continuing education programme at different cities with support of IPA State / local Branches.